Project: The Celebrant Directory

Launch: 19th September 2017

As a Celebrant myself, I am passionate about growing the Celebrant industry in the UK especially. It’s still relatively unknown.

Ask your neighbour today what a Celebrant is and I can bet you it’ll be a 50/50 chance of getting the right response.

Most couples are still unaware that the third (and in my important, best) option is available to them. They can have the personalised, wedding on the beach if they want too.

Times have changed.

I began planning The Celebrant Directory back in the new year of 2017. My little family were on a major journey ourselves packing up to travel Europe for a while so plans took a bit of a back seat whilst the sunglasses and exploration took over.

I started to plan, draw out the site, design the logo and decide on colours, and realised I truly had something to work with.

So website planning began!

I decided I wanted a platform that was purely for Celebrants. No distractions from other suppliers. A directory where clients can go to and find their perfect Celebrant. I wanted a place where they can save their favourites, leave reviews and find out more about them!

Branding √

Web Design √

Content √

SEO optimised √

Social Media Set Up √√ (two ticks as it’s building up by the day!)

Marketing plan √

It’s growing by the day. In just 6 weeks from launch we had 37,000 visitors to the site. Social Media boomed and we grew from zero to 840FB, 900IG, 350TW.

I have received such amazing feedback on the site itself, the look of it and the functionality.

And Celebrants are receiving bookings, bonus!