So why Jennifer Claire Media?

So why Jennifer Claire Media?

Finally, we’ve launched! It’s been a long time coming to actually get Jennifer Claire Media officially out there! I’ve been working on numerous projects for people within the wedding industry for quite some time, so it feels good to be official – with my own shiny new website!


I’ve spent most of my career working in digital marketing (yes, pretty much 12 years!) and 7 wonderful years in the wedding industry, so just knew I needed to combine my passions.


I started Jennifer Claire Media so wedding industry professionals have access to a digital marketing specialist who speaks their language. All too often, as business owners, we seek support from other business professionals so we can grow our own little empires. However, all too often, the options out there are quite limited, especially in our industry.


I noticed very quickly that it was hard to find specialists in digital marketing that had wedding industry knowledge. I just could not imagine a geeky 50-something web developer, come SEO consultant, writing content for my wedding blog or speaking to my potential clients on social media! No thanks! I wonder if they have even met a bride before!? Eek…


Jennifer Claire Media is all about combining a passion for all things wedding, with events, honeymoons and hospitality mixed in (with the odd retail or estate agent website!). It offers you the chance to sit back and watch your social media platforms grow, and get excited by a gorgeous new website and blogs – designed and created by someone that knows your industry well.