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Content Marketing & PR For Wedding Industry Professionals


Targeted content is the best way to get your wedding business noticed. From blogs to website content, features and advertising campaigns, I write copy that will make your business shine!


Fresh, clear content on your website, not only does wonders for your SEO growth, but also gains industry visibility, and gives you a place to show off your expertise.


I write targeted content that creates a buzz. It’s time for the words on your page to truly reflect your vision.


Let’s make your copy work for you!

Targeted content marketing for your business

As a pro blogger and owner of 4 wedding businesses, I know how to engage potential clients and industry influencers. It’s what I love to do! I create engaging content that will make your business shine!

Having the right content on your blog will engage your target audience and improve your SEO. I create fabulous blogs for wedding pros!

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Creating engaging content for PR contacts & editorials is my bag! I write copy that shows off your talents and creates the interest you want around your brand.


Your website is usually the first contact a client will have with your business. Make it worth the visit. I create engaging content that truly reflects who you are!

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Do you blog?

We all know how massive blogs are now and let’s face it, we don’t all have the time to get great content online!


 People are searching the internet every day looking for inspiration and ideas, especially for their weddings. Having a blog for your business increases your reach, your influence and endorses your brand.


Need help getting your blog set up and optimised? Perhaps just some training on how to use one?


Is the copy on your website working for you?

Ask yourself…


* Is your homepage inviting? Would you buy your services?

* Does your about us page connect with your clients? Will they leave knowing who you are?

* Do your service pages truly sell your worth?

* Do you know if the back end of your website is optimised for google?

* Do you have a media pack ready and waiting for those calls?


If so, amazing! If not, I am here to help!


If you invest in anything, make it a bloody good website!

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You must have heard the phrase content is king. Now, that may well be a marketing buzzword but this year and beyond, it’s a statement that has never been more relevant. In a world where consumers are more savvy, more demanding, and more empowered than ever, brands and businesses need to up their game.